Run to Lose Weight – Tips and Tricks

Cardiologists and personal coaches from all over the world consult us how to lose weight quickly and effectively. Many of them have some alternative methods, but running has always been one of the best ways to lose weight. Professional runners are always super slim and muscular. They have good stamina, too. Today we will talk about running effectively for your fat to never reach you so you could successfully date russian girls.

• Drink lots of water
Drinking water is crucial when doing cardio and especially running for long distances. An average person can lose up to 2 liters of water after a long run. This is why you should drink up to three liters to maintain water balance. You can take small gulps if you want to. Drink 200-300 ml before the run. Drink during the run and two liters after. Divide it into four portions. You can also download a water tracker into your phone if you always forget to maintain your liquid balance. Water itself doesn’t burn fat. But if you don’t drink enough, the process of burning slows down or even stops. So, without it, the results won’t be as visible.

• Abstain from eating three hours before the run
Remember this rule. You can eat something easy on the stomach, an apple or a banana two hours before the run, but don’t stuff yourself. If your tummy will be full during the process, your intestinal system will work horribly. So as metabolism. Your blood circulation will mess up, and it will slow down the process of losing weight. Secondly, carbs will use blood to get energy which you could spend on losing weight. Thirdly, it gives you great discomfort.

• Eat properly
Right after your run you can drink an isotonic and eat something light. Eat fruits, yoghurt, or drink chocolate milk. Carbs that you eat after the training go straight to your sore muscles. It means that tomorrow you will feel great. After some time, eat a proper meal. It can be meat, fish or poultry. It’s better to consume this food boiled or stewed. And forget about fried food! Here you can eat slow carbs, such as rice, pasta, porridge, potatoes, and beans.

• Drink green tea
Always drink green tea. Be free to gulp up to five cups a day. Carry a thermos around. You can add ginger, mint, jasmine or lemon to your drink, but abstain from sugar because it arouses hunger and bugs your food in the stomach. Black tea, on the contrary, doesn’t let water leave your body so fast. Coffee washes out calcium from your bones and makes you vulnerable during the run. You can drink black tea and coffee, but don’t abuse those drinks. Have some chill and don’t touch those for a couple of days.

• Go to the gym
During the run, you can lose 500-1000 kcal. You lose about 300-400 kcal, lifting extra heavy loads at the gym. The difference is visible. But damaged muscles, recovering within 3-5 days, burn extra calories. Even when you sleep or do household chores, your body continues losing calories with fat. It is not necessary to develop huge muscles. You can do squats with a lighter weight for tightening your butt, do the press, jump with the jumping rope, do lunges without lifting some weight. That will be enough to maintain your body slim and sexy!

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